15 October 2021

The BARC Family Event


BARC opened its doors to an afternoon with families, welcoming Danupon Nanongkai to the team as well as his wife and daughter.

On Wednesday September 29, 2021 we launched a new series of events: The BARC Family Event. At BARC we want to emphasize a welcoming work environment and do so by a number of different activities that go beyond the academic scope.

Professor Danupon Nanongkai joined us in March this year but due to COVID restrictions, a proper reception was not possible during Spring. So we decided to welcome him by inviting his wife and daughter for an afternoon with all of us. All BARC members as well as their partners and children were invited to our kitchen to socialise, play board games and get to know each other even better.

The BARC kitchen is really the heart of BARC. This is where the espresso machine is situated and serves as a popular spot to gather and catch up with colleagues. It is also where we have our lunches together, hold group meetings and informal talks, where the running clubs meets before a run, where movie nights are hosted and celebrations held.

Pictures of the event