About our research

At the BARC centre, we are engaged with basic research in the design and analysis of algorithms. Algorithms are the fundamental framework of computer science for expressing, discovering, and explaining problem-solving mechanisms. Basic research in algorithms consists of the exploration of the possibilities and limits of this framework.

As a scientific discipline, it uses the language and methods of mathematics. At the same time, because algorithms play a fundamental role in information technology, many algorithmic discoveries have immediate and wide-ranging practical applications.

Algorithms research is methodologically rich and draws on a wide range of contributions from many other disciplines, often requiring a fresh idea or a particularly original insight.

Much of basic research in algorithms is a science of methods rather than data: Algorithms are universal and not tied to a specific problem domain - the strengths of algorithmic discoveries typically lie in their general applicability and data independence.

Rather than narrow methodological traditions and application domains, one of the principles for guiding our methodological and thematic attention is the pursuit of general impact, both within the scientific disciplines concerned with theories of computation but also on external stakeholders.

Affiliated research projects

The following fundamental research projects are currently found at BARC:

  • Algorithms for Packing and Decomposition Problems, Mikkel Abrahamsen

  • Formula complexity of Polynomials and Lower Bounds, Nutan Limaye 

  • Providentia, Rasmus Pagh

Finalised affiliated research projects

The following research projects have previoulsy been found at BARC:

Synergy with applied research

BARC is an active part of DIREC.

DIREC aims to propel relevant discoveries from BARC to reach beyond its theoretical core, and to impact science and industry.