10 October 2022

Strong BARC performance at NCPC 2022


Several BARC members had a lot of fun on 8 October 2022 for the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest.

The Balloon Animals
The Balloon Animals NCPC 2022. Photo: Jonas Klausen

Team Balloon Animals, including BARC Ph.D. students Shuyi Yan and David Rasmussen Lolck, won the entire contest and thereby the titles of 2022 Nordic Champions of competitive programming, best student team at NCPC, and the Danish Championships in programming (Danmarksmesterskaberne i programmering) 

Other BARCies participated in teams Rainbow Unicode Warriors (11th overall, Thore), På hat og briller (15th overall, Christian), and Coming Soon (19th overall, Jonas, Krzysztof and Jakob Tejs).

It was a ton of fun for all of the 200 participating teams, and BARC is proud as a button.  

Balloon Animals Balloons


Photos by Jonas Ø. Klausen