01 October 2018

New PhD student Peter Rasmussen joins BARC

Staff news

Peter Rasmussen starts his PhD at BARC

Peter Rasmussen starts as a PhD student on October 1 in the Algorithms and Complexity section. He completed his bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of Copenhagen. For a year he then pursued a PhD in cryptography at University of California Los Angeles before abandoning it for a master’s degree in mathematics at the University of Copenhagen.
Being midway through his master’s programme, Peter will be joining BARC in an integrated MSc-PhD programme supervised by Mikkel Thorup. Peter’s previous research has mainly been in combinatorics, number theory, and cryptography, and he is currently working on projects in the areas of cryptographic non-malleable codes, computational geometry, and hashing algorithms. During his PhD, Peter will pursue research in the general area of algorithms, applying methods from his background in discrete mathematics.