18 December 2023

New Faces 2023


BARC and the AC-section at DIKU welcomes PhD-students Duri Andrea Janett, Jack Stade, Lukas Retschmeier and Yassine Ghannane as well as Postdocs Hao Wu and Sampson Wong.

BARC has been lucky to welcome a lot of new colleagues in the second half of 2023. We would like to introduce some of them here. We are very pleased to have them – it is great to expand the BARC group with so many talented young researchers.

Duri Andrea Janett began working as a PhD student at DIKU on the 1st of September in the AC Section, where Duri will be doing research in propositional proof complexity with Jakob Nordström as his supervisor. Duri has a BSc and MSc in Mathematics from ETH Zürich. 

In his free time, Duri enjoys listening to music and playing the baritone saxophone.

Duri also joined us on the BARC retreat!

Hao Wu started as Postdoc in the Algorithms and Complexity Section on September 1st, Hao supervised by Prof Rasmus Pagh.

Hao has recently graduated from the University of Melbourne, where his thesis focused on differentially private data analysis.  At DIKU, his research will continue in this domain, with a focus on obtaining solid mathematical guarantees in two key aspects: privacy-utility trade-offs, which explore for given privacy guarantee, how much an algorithm can learn from a dataset; and algorithmic efficiency, which investigates the computational resources an algorithm requires for given task, including CPU time, memory usage, communication cost and so on.

In his spare time, Hao enjoys playing badminton.

 Jack Stade joined BARC in October 2023 as a PhD student under Mikkel Abrahamsen and will be working on problems in computational geometry.

He graduated with a master’s in mathematics from the University of Cambridge, focusing on algebraic topology and differential geometry, has also published research on the art-gallery problem.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys juggling, rock climbing, and foraging for mushrooms.


Lukas Retschmeier joined the team on June 1, 2023. He will be working at DIKU and supervised by Rasmus Pagh and co-supervised by Martin Aumüller in the Providentia project.

Lukas holds a MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University in Munich (TUM) and has already written his thesis in Denmark in Parameterized Complexity at ITU.

During his studies, he has been working as a consultant and software developer specialized in product lifecycle management for customers in the automotive and home appliance industries.
At DIKU he is going to work in Differential Privacy trying to get new theoretical and practical algorithmic insights.

In his free time, he likes to play the piano and do all different kinds of sports but especially enjoys playing volleyball.

Sampson Wong joined Mikkel Abrahamsen's team as Postdoc in July 2023.

Yassine Ghannane began working as a PhD-student in the AC-section in October 2023. Yassine is supervised by Jakob Nordström.