24 September 2018

FOCS 2018 Program Chair from BARC

FOCS 2018

Professor Mikkel Thorup is Program Chair for the 59th FOCS conference in Paris, France, 7-9 October, 2018.

Mikkel ThorupFor the 59th FOCS conference  in Paris, 7-9 October, 2018, Professor Mikkel Thorup had the honour of chairing the Program Committee which are responsible to select all paper presentations and organize the program. "It was a very big task. First I had to recruit the PC (program committee). We ended up with 30 members from many of the top universities around the world, including MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley, EPFL, CNRS, and Tel Aviv as well as Århus and Copenhagen. The call for papers sought original research papers in all areas of the theory of computation. The program committee met in June - following an intensive period of electronic discussion - and of the 320 submissions, 86 were accepted for the program", says Mikkel Thorup.

"As PC members, me and Christian Wulff-Nilsen from BARC-DIKU could not submit to the conference, but with so many excellent papers submitted, we are proud that one of our BARC-ITU members  - Samuel McCauley - got his paper: Bloom Filters, Adaptivity, and the Dictionary Problem accepted". 

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