1 December 2017

Mikkel Abrahamsen joins BARC

Staff news

BARC welcomes Mikkel Abrahamsen to the team.

Mikkel Abrahamsen
BARC welcomes Mikkel Abrahamsen who has returned to DIKU as postdoc on 1 December 2017 to join both BARC and DABAI - after working for 3Shape for a short period of time. On a day to day basis Mikkel will support Stephen Alstrup in the management of DABAI and the supervision of students. In his research time, he will work on new problems in computational geometry.
Mikkel got his bachelor's degree in mathematics and master's degree in computer science, both at University of Copenhagen. After working at Autodesk for a couple of years designing algorithms for computer-aided manufacturing, he did a PhD at DIKU, focusing on computational geometry in the plane.