8 October 2020

Kasper Green Larsen joins BARC

Staff news

 Kasper Green Larsen joins BARC part time

On 15 October 2020, Kasper Green Larsen will join the BARC team as part time Professor at DIKU. 

Kasper Green LarsenKasper Green Larsen is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Aarhus University, and now also a part time Professor at University of Copenhagen. His research spans many areas of theoretical computer science, with a strong emphasis on algorithms, data structures and lower bounds. In recent years, he has also made important contributions to cryptography and machine learning. Among other awards, Larsen received the 2019 Presburger Award for outstanding contributions in theoretical computer science. He has also received several best paper and best student paper awards at the top-tier conferences STOC, FOCS and CRYPTO. Larsen's research is supported by a DFF Sapere Aude Research Leader Grant and a Villum Young Investigator Grant.

I'm looking much forward to joining the BARC center and initiating a more formal collaboration with my close and exceptionally strong colleagues at BARC. I have no doubts that the collaboration will be very fruitful, both in terms of research and in strengthening the connection between the strong algorithms groups at Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen, says Kasper. 

We at BARC at looking forward to this great opportunity for collaboration and exciting research!