18 January 2024

BARC welcomes a new Associate Professor


BARC welcomes Associate Professor Andreas Björklund to the team

Andreas Björklund joined the team on August 1, 2023. He will be working at ITU Copenhagen. Andreas holds a MSc in Engineering Physics and a PhD in algorithm theory from Lund University.

His research has primarily been focused on exact exponential time algorithms for computationally hard problems, but has also led to discoveries of polynomial time algorithms for some graph problems whose complexity was unknown.

His most recognized scientific work is his Hamiltonicity detection algorithm from FOCS 2010, published in SICOMP 2014, which earned him the Nerode Prize in 2016 and a test-of-time-award at FOCS 2020. Other awards include track A best paper awards at ICALP 2014 and 2017.

In his spare time he enjoys solving and creating programming contest problems. He has been on the jury of the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest roughly half of the times in its 22 years of operation.