26 August 2020

BARC is co-arranging the SISAP 2020

SISAP 2020

BARC is happy to announce that we are co-arranging the SISAP conference September 30 - October 2.

Copenhagen Skyline and SISAP logo
Foto: Thomas Høyrup Christensen/Copenhagen Media Center

Similarity Search and Applications (SISAP) is the leading international conference dedicated to similarity search and its applications. Similarity search is a notoriously hard problem that has been intensively studied in algorithms theory, and which has applications in information retrieval, machine learning, computer vision, bioinformatics and many other fields. The academic scope of SISAP spans advances in algorithms theory, data engineering, and experimental algorithmics. Since the start in 2008, SISAP has been successful in bringing together researchers from a variety of backgrounds to address similarity search from diverse perspectives. While planned to be held in Copenhagen, SISAP 2020 will be held as an online virtual conference due to COVID-19.


Click here for more information, including how to register for the conference.