24 November 2021

BARC hosts NWERC hub


22 teams from Denmark, Sweden and Norway participated in BARC’s NWERC hub in November 2021.

On November 20 and 21, 2021 BARC hosted contestants of the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest 2021 (NWERC) arranged by Reykjavík University, part of the International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC).

Due to the pandemic, is was decided to have NWERC happen as an online event, but thanks to eased restrictions in our neighboring countries, BARC could invite to an NWERC hub event. Here we could recreate some of the atmosphere of the normal physical event for interested teams from nearby universities and could host talented students for a 2-day happening.

No less than 22 teams from Denmark, Sweden and Norway participated in BARC’s NWERC hub and contributed to a weekend of focused programming, academic presentations and fun networking at the University of Copenhagen.


The program:

Saturday November 20

9.00-15.00   NWERC practice session and more (on-line). Teams are on their own.

16.00           Doors open. Teams can test their setup.

17.00           Welcome to BARC and Copenhagen (Mikkel Thorup and Rasmus Pagh). Short scientific talks about algorithms research (Thore Husfeldt, Joakim Blikstad, Radu Curticapean, and Christian Lebeda).

18.00           Dinner (provided) followed by drinks, snacks, and socialising with the other teams.

NWERC score board

Sunday November 21

9.00                Doors open. Teams can test their setup, wifi (eduroam), electricity.

10.00-15.00   Competition. Balloons, snacks, drinks, coffee, and lunch is provided.

15.00-ca. 17   Live-stream of presentation of results.


 Participating teams

  • (1,1)-pølse (NTNU, Trondheim, NO)
  • 2b || !2b  (ITU, DK)
  • Ballondyrene (KU, DK)
  • Code blooded (DTU, DK)
  • Coolness overflow (Aarhus Universitet, DK)
  • Ctrl Alt Elite (ITU, DK)
  • ecpc (Lund University, SE)
  • First class confusion (Bergen Universitet, NO)
  • Hold Afstand (Aarhus Universitet, DK)
  • Kaptain Tim og algo-disiplene (Bergen Universitet, NO)
  • Library of Babel (Oslo Universitet, NO)
  • NihilAi (Linköping University, SE)
  • proggecribben (NTNU, Trondheim, NO)
  • scream&cout (KU, DK)
  • SebbiASK56 (Lund University, SE)
  • sigma bools (Linköping University, SE)
  • Stroustrups Smukke Hår (DTU, DK)
  • Suits (KU, DK)
  • tar-san (Lund University, SE)
  • The floor is made of Java (DTU, DK)
  • U+1F40D (Aarhus Universitet, DK)
  • We are just here for the balloons (ITU, DK)


NWERC aud.

BARC organisation

Rasmus Pagh (chair)
Thore Husfeldt
Anne Primdahl Kristensen
Jonas Østergaard Klausen
Christian Janos Lebeda
Gabriel Niels Damsholt
Jakob Bæk Tejs Knudsen
Joakim Blikstad
Krzysztof Nowicki

Click here to visit the website of the event.