PhD course Algebraic Graph Algorithms

BARC PhD course in Algebraic Graph Algorithms, 2018

Algebraic Graph Algorithms is a Ph.D. course arranged by the center for Basic Research in Algorithms (BARC) and IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). The course aims to give a comprehensive and from-scratch introduction to algebraic graph algorithms, covering early results that appear in disparate places (theoretical physics, combinatorics, computer science), as well as recent advances in graph algorithms.

For whom:
The course is aimed at Ph.D. students and researchers in theoretical computer science, mathematics, and physics, but other disciplines are welcome. The prerequisites are mathematical maturity corresponding to an undergraduate in a mathematical discipline, see below for more details.

How much?
The course is (of course) free to attend. It yields 4 ECTS Ph.D. course credit from IT University of Copenhagen upon completion.

How to register:
Send an email with a very short bio (name, institution, what you study / your research area) to Radu: racu (this is not a typo) at itu dot dk

Thore Husfeldt (responsible), Radu Curticapean.

The Course is every Tuesdays kl 14-16 - starting October 16 and ends December, 18, 2018.